from emails received January 2003:

Subject: The Illigitimate child of Leo Borglum

Hi my name is Sheri. I was born to Vera Anderson and Leo Borglum July 14th of 1962. Leo had left MN from what I know before I was born and unannounced to Vera that he was leaving. I hold no grudges, it wouldn’t help being I don’t know the man. Even though I can’t understand leaving when he knows about a child coming that’s his. Why didn’the take Vera with? Anyway, I was recently sent pictures of his younger years by his brother Henry’s wife Marian,from MN. I am glad to have at least this of him.

I do have some pics of Vera and my sisters and I, I other wise was adopted out as an infant. I met Vera and my half-sisters from her 13 yrs ago. Very exciting yet scary. I am however eager to know my family from Leo’s side. Then the puzzle will all fit together for me, and have somewhat of a family conection. I’ve looked at the reunion photos, all of you look like you have such fun when together.

From what I know Leo did not have any other children, he married a gal with children and that was it. I know he tried to contact me about 3-4 yrs ago when I had wrote, but would only talk to the kids as far as asking for me on the phone. I’m sure he never expected me to write.

I have been married for 18 yrs, 2 beautiful children Cassie 17 and Jacob 14. My husband David is a local union 10 (tinners union) presently working on the new art facilities at the U of M. I myself have been laid off for 9 months now. Looking for work has been worse than working. I have a side business creative air custom airbrushing. I am an art lover, which I guess fits into some of the other Borglums.

I would like to find out how everyone is linked and have a link to other family members. I am 40 so if there is anyone who wants to write me, or e-mail me. I would love to hear from you, and tell me about yourself.


Sheri Swanson
33691 6th St NE
Cambridge, MN 55008

or email [email protected]