Nach Dem Sturm (After The Storm) 1948

Director: Gustav Ucicky, whom also directed the cult classic The Bicycle Thief

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This is the movie Margaret Hoss Borglum appeared in as an extra while in Europe.

Locarno Film Festival 1998 notice:

The film Salzburg, summer 1945. US Major Sinclair, requisitions the villa of

Baron von Tretini, an Austrian politician who had fallen victim to the Nazis. The

baron’s daughter, Barbara, a virtuoso pianist, shaken from years spent in a Hitler

workcamp, tries to resume her pre-war profession and form an orchestra. But her

state of exhaustion has made her health precarious. Attracted by Barbara, Sinclair

arranges a convalescent stay in Ticino where the two decide to marry. Meanwhile, a

convoy of prisoners bring back Michael, Barbara’s ex-boyfriend, a composer

everyone thought had died. Emaciated, all alone in the world, and with no

resources, his hands ruined by frost-bite, Michael’s only possession is a piano

concerto he composed specially for Barbara. 

Nach Dem Sturm is a Swiss-Austrian

co-production, whose exteriors were filmed partly in Ticino, in Ascona and on San

Salvatore during the summer of 1948 by filmmaker Gustav Ucicky. It was an

adaptation from a short story by anti-Nazi German writer Carl Zuckmayer

(1896-1977) published a year after the film’s release. The film was financed by

Willy Wachtl, a Tyrolean who moved to Berne, and was also owner of the biggest

cinema chain in Switzerland. Nach dem Sturm was an enormous success in

Germany where crowds wept “tears over the dilemma of an aristocratic pianist torn

between the handsome major from the occupying forces and the fiancé believed

dead, a former soldier fighting for the Wehrmacht and escapee from prison camp”

(Hervé Dumont). The only extant materiel relating to this film was discovered at

the Archives du Film du Centre national de la Cinématographie in Bois d’Arcy: a

nitrate dupe 35mm from the original German-language version which lacked only

the 9th reel, and various French dubbed nitrate prints. A safety acetate print was

then made from the original, but with the ending in French.

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