Gerda (Jensen) Borglum (Tenus’s wife) Family Tree

As related by Eva Raven Sorensen (CM1a1a3 below) at age 80, to Keith Borglum,
by letter from Denmark 1999, and from charts from Ardis Vokes, with some details from Jette Olsen

M Christen Moller (born in Lokhen had a sailboat and carried grain to Norway)

CM1 Karen Margrethe Christians-datter b 1817 (in Lokhen, was a midwife) married Knud Frderick Balkreison b 1830 (in Jerslev, he made wooden shoes)

CM1a Mariane Knudsdatter (Knudsen?) b1840, (was a midwife) and Carl Aron Jenson b1834( un-married, in Holmsted or Hjolmstad Sweden, lived in Arlborg DK, was a weaver)

CM1a1 (no info)

CM1a2 Jens Christen Jensen (male) b 1868 (in Bolle, was a shoemaker) d 1947, married Nielsine Petrea Jeppeson b 1866 (in Aggersborg, third child of Lars Christain Jeppesen, a blacksmith, and Mariane Larsen Jeppesen, a midwife. Nielsine had two older brothers who were sailors) d1946   Jens’ family tree ,    Making peat bricks in Denmark 1929. ( Jens lived with Mia‘s parents for a while, then with Karen his last few years, died bankrupt)    possible later photo of Jens and Nielsine from Amy’s collection

CM1a1a Karen Margrether Jensen b9/27/1889 (in Baelum) married Carl Sorensen b 1887 (in Baelum) Karen 1914     1950ish?

CM1a1a1 Myrtle Ravn Sorensen (born in Racine Wisconsin, became a teacher) and ______Langballe

CM1a1a1a Karen Langballe b____ d 1995    1950ish?

CM1a1a1b Lisbeth Langballe b____    1950ish?

CM1a1a1c Eva Ravn Langballe b____    1950ish?

CM1a1a2 Karl Henning Ravn Sorensen (born in Racine Wisconsin, became an ophthalmologist) and Esther Halbro Hansen

CM1a1a2a Gladys(sp?) Ravn Sorensen b____

CM1a1a2b Doyle(sp?) Ravn Sorensen b____

CM1a1a2c Mikkel Ravn Sorensen b____

CM1a1a3 Eva Ravn Sorensen (source of much of this info) photo with Ardis (Borglum) Vokes 1949    1950ish?

     CM1a1b Gerda Jensen b 11/22/1891 1902 photo married Tenus Borglum (farmer, see the main tree)

CM1a1c Kamma Jensen b 10/19/1899 1902 photo married Hans Ejler Hasland in 1934

CM1a1c1 Gerda Hasland b 1930 d 2004 married Adolf Majcherek, then divorced. (They live on Lolland Island in Denmark, map)

CM1a1c1a Kamma Majcherek b1950 married Finn Hansen b 1946 (live in Copenhagen)

CM1a1c1a1 Vivian Hansen b1970 (live in Copenhagen)

CM1a1c1a2 Katja Hansen b1974 and Peter Holberg (unmarried) (live in Copenhagen)

CM1a1c1a2a Mathilde Louise Majcherek Holberg b 2000

CM1a1c1b Anne Marie Penelope Majcherek b 1958 and Jorgen Mortensen (unmarried). (They live on Lolland Island in Denmark. Penny is a nurse for children and the handicapped.)

CM1a1c1b1 Malene Majcherek Mortensen b 1979 (dropped Mortensen name 1997, she provided much help in correcting this site, her email is [email protected]) (lives in Aalborg in northern Jutland, map)

CM1a1c1b2 Jonas Majcherek Mortensen b 1987

CM1a1c1c Peter Majcherek b 1960 married Tina ________ b _____, (live in Copenhagen)

CM1a1c1c1 Kimie Majcherek b 1983

CM1a1c1c2 David Majcherek b 1985

CM1a1c1c3 Miriam Majcherek b1996

CM1a1c1d  Susanne Majcherek b 1964 married Kurt Clemmensen b_____. (They live in Lolland, on an island in Denmark. Susanne is a manager of on-board services on the ferry between Germany and Denmark. Kurt is studying to be a home-care nurse for children and the handicapped.)

CM1a1c1d1 Pernille Clemmensen b 1988

CM1a1c1d2 Nicolai Clemmensen b 1990

CM1a1c1d3 Casper Clemmensen b 1995

CM1a1c2 Anne Marie Hasland (Mia) (Anne Marie Hasland-datter), born in Hasland, married Arthur Christensen Mia and her family Mia and Arthur 2014    2019

How Eva fits in; (her paternal grandmother was Tenus’ aunt)


LCI Anna Marie Larsen (Gandrup?) b1865 ( see LCD3 on Borglum family tree, Anders’ sister) married Niels Sorensen (constructor of mills)

LCIa Carl Sorenson (Tenus’ cousin)

LCD3a1 Eva Ravn Sorenson ( Mia’s son Peter created a video in year 2000 of Eva discussing family geneology)