About Anton Borglum LCB4


question posted to Facebook Danish Genealogy page, where his military service was confirmed.
“My great uncle was reportedly in the Danish Royal Guard (aka Lifeguards). Is there a document to prove it? Might there be a photograph of the group, or him? His name was Anton Borglum, but it might have been Anton Larsen at the time, born July 8, 1878 in Lyngby Hellum, Alborg, Denmark. So he probably would have served around 1900 at age 22. The family changed the name from Larsen to Borglum in 1905. Thanks in advance if you can help!”

Reply with scans of military service records, three enlistments, apparently enlistments were only 4-6 months each?

confirming answer translation

1900 full,       1900 close up


1907 subsequent notation