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I got an email from you on geneology in October. Just updated the
http://www.borglum.com website and found an Anders Larsen born between
1878-1881 in Denmark ( see LCB4c on the website). We have no info on
him. Let me know if you can figure out if he is your g-g-g-pa.
Thanks, and good hunting.
Keith Borglum

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Subject: RE: Anders Larsen
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My Fathers Mother
Irene May Larsen born in farmhouse by Wilmot

Her mother
Mildred Evelyn (Chapin) Larsen Born in Rock County MN

Her Father
Emil Tenius Larsen born in Hals, Denmark

Her Grandmothers
Captolia May (Hawes) Chapin born in MN?
Evelyn Marie (Christensen) Larsen born in Hals, Denmark

Her Grandfathers
Bertram Ray Chapin born in Rock County, MN
Anders Larsen born in Hals, Denmark

My Fathers Father
His mother
Evelyn Mae (Christensen) Ellsworth probably Wilmot SD

His father
Edgar Malvern Ellsworth born somewhere in IA

His Grandmothers
Mabel Noreen (Ferguson) Ellsworth born somewhere in IA
Elise Marie (Slaathaug) Christensen born??

His Grandfathers
Edgar Harmon Ellsworth
Hans Jalmer Christensen