Jens Christen Jensen’s family (went by name of “Peter”)(breakout from Gerda Jensen/Borglum’s tree – Jens is her father)


CM Christen Moller (born in Lokhenhad a sailboat and carried grain to Norway)

CM1 Karen Margrethe Christians-datter (b 1817 in Lokhen, was a midwife) married Knud Frderick Balkreison (b 1830 in Jerslev, he made wooden shoes)

CM1a Mariane Knuds-datter (b1840, was a midwife) married Carl Aron Jenson (b 1915 in Holmsted or Hjolmstad Sweden, lived in Arlborg DK, was a weaver)

CM1a1 Sonsl-Knud (a druggist, married the caughter of a drugstore owner)

CM1a2 Jens Christen Jensen (male) (b 1862 in Bolle, was a shoemaker) married Nielsine Petrea Jeppeson (b 1866 in Aggersborg, third child of Lars Christain Jeppesen, a blacksmith, and Mariane Larsen Jeppesen. Had two older brothers who were sailors)

CM1a3 (female)

CM1a4 (female)