Extra Photos of Carsten Borglum’s family

1924 Minnesota Gerda and children 
1924 Minnesota Tenus Carsten and Ardis 
Carsten and Gerald 1924?
Carsten 1930s??
Carsten horseback 1930s
Carsten school photo 1936
Carsten 1938 tapping maple tree 
At Hogwarts confirmation with Draco Malfoy 1938 , Carsten’s graduation photo from St Paul’s Lutheran church Penn Yan NY
Carsten driving tractor 1938
Carsten 1939 stunt with Gerald
Carsten and Tenus plowing 1940
Carsten portrait around 1940
Carsten haying 1940s
1943 family portrait 
Carsten siblings 1943
Carsten and Ardis photo 1935?
Cars around 1940
1938? playing ball
college graduation with parents
Carsten in sailor uniform 1946
Carsten sailor portrait 1946 
Carsten graduating Naval training Sampson NY 1945
Carsten Naval training 1945 names on back of photo ,
Carsten’s service # and liberty passother 1946
Carsten Greger Elsie 1946     at Sodus Bay ,    the whitest man on earth ,    nice socks
Carsten too much time in Navy in Key West ,    Carsten’s USS PC 618 ie “PT boat
Carsten and Ardis 1947
Carsten and Ardis 1947 another, Cars very tan from Key West
Carsten and Greger 1947 
Carsten Greger 1947 another 
Carsten and Marge 1947
Carsten’s love letter to Marge 1947
Marge as flower girl at brother’s wedding
Marge and Ferdinand 1930(?)
Marge stylin’ 1940s style
Marge high school
Carsten stylin’ new shades
Marge yoga 1940s   another
Marge study abroad notice 1947
Marge bicycling through France 1947
Marge as an extra in photo from 1948 movie Nach Dem Sturm in Zurich     original movie poster    original movie clip    Marge on movie set
Marge with German relatives 1947    My god are we related to these people?
Marge senior prom notice 1945
Marge as flower girl at brother Ferdinand’s wedding
Marge with parents, brother, Ruth
Marge with Keith’s dogs 2006
Carsten in Navy Key West 1947
Carsten and Gregor 1947
Carsten and Marge partying 1940s
Carsten and Marge portrait 1949
Marge Cornell graduation notice 1949
Cars and Marge engagement notice 1949
Cornell Alumni notice 1960s
Carsten in zoot suit pants too long 1950?
Marge Easter 1952 note hat-flower, mink, and cars in background
Marge with Keith and Donna winter 1955
Carsten, Keith and Schmoozer 1953 Keith’s first dog, got put down for eating paperboys and biting mailmen
Marge activist in Catholic church 1950s
Marge in the mirror with Keith 1951
Family home 735 Webster Road 1950s to 1970s
Carsten BBQ-ing with Joe Maier and Vic mid 1960s   (probably Keith’s favorite picture of Carsten)
Carsten and Keith 1952,    winter 1952   1964 World’s Fair Monorail    1964
Chairpersons of church Octoberfest dinner 1966 probably because they provided the food
Carsten at the beach 1950s?
Carsten chillin’ with kids 1958     at 735 Webster Road home
Carsten keeping kids in line 1958
Carsten reading to Donna and Craig 1961
Family Adirondack cabin Big Moose Lake
Carsten dressed for the beach 1970s
1978 with siblings and Tenus
Carsten and Ardis 2004
Carsten, Marge and Keith August 1951
Family 1957,    1964 ,   1965   kids with Gerda (Oma) Hoss 1968     Big Moose Lake cabin 1969   1973 ,    1979    2004
Cars and Marge’s kids 1998,
with brothers 1998
with granddaughters1995
reunion 2000
cousins 2000
Family 2004
Marge and Kelly photo 2009
Gerda Oma family room Webster
Marge portrait 2009
Linda letter to Carsten 2004
Mancini letter to Marge 2007
Carol Letter to Marge
Carol Letter to Marge 2005

Bouchard letter
Marge genealogy letter to nephew